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Obituary of Lewis Linebarger


June 8, 1815 and April 28, 1907 - a period of 91 years, 10 months and 
20 days, mark the earthly career of Andrew Linebarger.

He was the youngest son of John and Mary Linebarger.  His brothers were 
Lewis, George, Henry, John and his sisters were Louvina, Nancy and 
Mary.  These have all been gone several years to the Promised Land, and 
Andrew, familiarly called "Uncle Andy," has gone to be with them, for he 
has often expressed himself in his church that he would like to see 
inside of Heaven.  God has taken him there.

At the age of five his father and family moved from Lincoln County, 
North Carolina - his birthplace - to Indiana in 1820, and lived near 
Indianapolis until 1822, when they came to Parke County.  In his 21st year, 
he was married to Elizabeth Burton, and to this union were born five 
sons and one daughter - George, Mary Ann, William, David, Levi, and 
Jackson.  The wife and mother died in 1846, and two years ago last March, 
Mary Ann was called by the Angel of Death.

In 1847 he married Mary Warner, and to this union were born five sons 
and five daughters - Lewis, Joel, Samuel, Jacob, Joseph, Henry, 
Elizabeth, Ida, Ludah, Emma and Alice.  Joseph Henry died at the age of five 
years.  In 1890 "Aunt Polly," the wife and mother entered the Spirit 
Land.  Of the surviving fourteen children, all were present at his death 
and funeral, with the exception of Ludah, who is ill at her home in 

At the age of thirteen he consecrated his life to God and from that 
time to this, a period of 79 years, he has lived a very devoted and happy 
Christian life.

His father's home was the stopping place of the earliest missionaries 
of the church, and before a church was built, his house was the house of 
worship for the community.  Andrew took up his father's work.  He has 
always been a great support to the church and its work.  The early 
circuit riders and, later, pastors have often spoken of the great 
helpfulness and hospitality of this Christian home.  The church in which his 
funeral service was held was built largely through his means and it has 
always been known as Linebarger Chapel.

No call of the church was unheeded by him, and while his physical 
condition permitted, he was always in attendance at divine worship.  No one 
more thoroughly enjoyed Christian life, and many and many a time the 
church walls have resounded with his shouts of Hallelujah as the spirit 
of the Lord filled his soul.  While, during the past few years, he has 
been unable to attend any church service, he always inquired of those 
who called asking what kind of a meeting they had had and how large the 
attendance was.

He was a great lover of children and anxiously watched the progress of 
the Sabbath School.  At different times the children of the Sunday 
school have stopped and sung sacred songs for him, and they knew that no 
one would appreciate it more than he.  Father Linebarger was as strong an 
influence and prominent a figure in community life as in church life.  
Indeed, we all accord to him the position of central figure in the 
country about his home.  By his integrity and industry he through all the 
years has won and kept the highest esteem of all he met until his name 
became a synonym for honesty and unrightness.  So thoroughly has his 
work for good been done among his neighbors and friends that time cannot 
efface the influence of this well-spent life.  There is but one call to 
one who has lived and died as he - the call to the righteous: "Well 
done, good and faithful servant; enter through into the joys of the Lord."

Father Linebarger is survived by fourteen children, forty-three 
grandchildren, and one great-great grandchild.
Funeral services were held at the Linebarger Chapel, Tuesday afternoon. 
Rev. Hobbs, the local pastor, had charge, and was assisted by Rev. A. 
J. Marshall of Howard, Rev. Z. D. Maris of Rockville, Rev. Parsons of 
Metcalf, Ill., and Josiah Morris of Coloma.  Interment in the home 

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