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Following is a small part of a booklet that was in the Lincolnton library. Note how that after studying many resources the author was not able to connect John Linebarger to the Lineberger families of Lincoln County that are thought to be of the "Virginia Linebergers."



Lincolnton-Lincoln Co.
Public Library
Lincolnton, N. C.

SOURCES OF INFORMATION Records from the Colonial Research Bureau, Washington, D. C. North Carolina State Archive Records, Raleigh, North Carolina Marriage Bonds, of Tryon and Lincoln Counties Our Kin, by Laban Miles Hoffman History of North Carolina Family of Five Republics, by Paul M. Lineberger and Walter F. Lineberger History of Montgomery County, Missouri Lincoln County Court House Records, Lincolnton, North Carolina Catawba County Court House Records, Newton North Carolina Lincoln County Library, Lincolnton, North Carolina Mecklenburg County Library, Charlotte, North Carolina Rowan County Records, Salisbury, North Carolina T. James Linebarger's Records Bamett Lineberger, Sr., Lincolnton, North Carolina Arthur Drum's Collections Ann Keener's Collections Frances A. Goodson Norman G. Gray son Gene R. Buck Letters written back from the West by Family Members Family Records and Cemetery Records State of North Carolina Census Records for the years 1790, 1820, 1850, 1860 and 1880 Census Records of Union County, Illinois
4. Ester Magdalene (Lannie). M. Speight Reel, see page 85. 5. Mary, M. Emanuel Lewis. He was a Confederate Soldier and was severely wounded at Wildnerness and Reams Station. Their children: (1) Susan, M. Ambrose Hoffman (2) Brown, M. Mollie Hoffman (3) Maggie, M. Pink Hendrick (4) Anne, twins to Maggie, D. small (5) Jane, M. Pink Bryson (6) Fanny, M. Lee Groves (7) James, M. Margaret Lineberger (8) John, M. Agnes Beaty (9) Alice, M. Bert Lineberger Mary Rhyne Clemmer married second John Bolinger. Their child 1. Labon R., M. Catherine Reel. See page 85. 2. Alice, M. Philo Summey. He was a Confederate Soldier, Co. C. 71st N. C. Reg. One son: (1) Earl (Bud), never married 3. Julia, M .Miles Rhyne, son of her mother's twin brother, Moses H. Rhyne. Their children: (1) Edward, D. single at age 25 (6) George (2) Robert (7) Laban (3) Jacob, M. Elizabeth Abernethy (8) Wirt (4) Mary, M. Ed Munday (9) Pressley Miles Rhyne married second Anne Abernethy. Their children: (1) Eugene (2) J.D. 4. Sophia, M. Rufus Franklin Norwood. Their children: (1) William Andrew, M. Effie Dellinger (2) Julia, M. James Mauney (3) John Raybon, M. Dora Caldwell (4) James Thomas, twin to John Raybon (5) Martha Ann, M. George Washington Stone (6) Alfred Miles, M. Cora Mae Gamer (7) Rufus Benjamin, M. Sarah Lee Fox (8) Carl Lee Chapter XIX Miscellaneous Linebergers Paul Myron Wentworth Lineberger, Lawyer, Author, was born in Warren, Illinois, June 15, 1871, the son of reverend Isaac and Lucy Ellen (Estes) Lineberger. Paul was educated at Naperville College and Lake Forest University. He was a law student in Paris, France 1889 - 1892. He was admitted to the Chicago Bar in 1893. He married Lillian Bearden 90
Kirk, February 22, 1912. Children: 1. Paul Myron 2. Wayne Wentworth, Paul was a co-author with Walter F. Lineberger of "A FAMILY OF FIVE REPUBLICS". Walter Franklin Lineberger, Congressman, Civil Engineer, was a son of John Henry and Lucy (Aynsworth) Lineberger. He was born in Hardeman County, Tennessee, July 20, 1883. He received his education at Texas A & M; Rensalaer Polytechnic Institute and at Oxford University, England. He was a member of the sixty-seventh and sixty-ninth Congress 1921-1927, Ninth California District. He was awarded the Croix de Guerre for bra- very during the first world war. Walter married Florence Hite of Colum- bus, Ohio, June 16, 1909. Children: 1. Florence 2. Walter 3. Janet 4. Anne Frederick Lineberger, former nurseryman, was bom and reared in Switzerland and came to America with his brother John U. Lineberger in 1868. John became a prosperous farmer in Nebraska. They were the sons of Nicholas Lionberger and his wife, Anna Gammotee. The father was a lieutenant in the Swiss Army. Frederick was born July 10, 1848 and was about twenty years of age when he came to America. He first located in Nebraska where his brother had settled, and in 1875 moved to Mont- gomery County, Missouri. On the fourteenth day of February, 1878, he married Emma Bridges and had three children: 1. John F. 2. Albert M. 3. Henry H. There was a John Lineberger (Johannes in German) who went from North Carolina to Park County, Indiana in 1822. He carried with him an old German Bible and a German Hymn Book, with some scrolls and Compo- sitions which were written by him. He was an organist and choir leader. The German Bible showed that he married Mary Hoot December 3, 1799. Children's names in the Bible were; 1. Lewis Linebarger, B. October 8, 1800 2. Elizabeth Linebarger, B. March 19, 1803 3. Nancy Linebarger, B. July 6, 1805 4. Henry Linebarger, B. December 24, 1807 5. George Linebarger, B. June 6, 1810 6. John Linebarger, B. November 4, 1812 91
7. Andrew Linebarger, B. June 8, 1815 8. Polly Linebarger, B. October 24, 1818 John Linebarger, Sr., D. May 6, 1847 and buried in Linebarger Cemetery at West Union Illinois. Mary, John Sr's wife, D. December 14, 1857 I am not sure which John this was. All of these children were born in North Carolina. Chapter XX. Miscellaneous Deeds LINCOLN COUNTY, GASTON COUNTY AND CATAWBA COUNTY DEEDS FOR LINEBARGER - LINEBERGER: Book 1, page 95, November 5, 1768. Peter Lineberger to Loderwick Lineberger 200 acres for 22 pounds on East side Kuykendall Creek. Witnesses: David Jenkins, James _____ ? (Note: This would be present Gaston County.) Book 2, page 57, August 15, 1774. Lewis Linebarger, a blacksmith, and wife Barbara to Robert Abernathy. (Note: This land would be in Gaston County.) Book 2, page 67, October 15, 1774. Lewis Linebarger sells to William Elder ... 53 pounds proc... 200 Acres East side Kuykendall Creek. A former grant to John Stanley in 1764. Lewis Linebarger signs in German. Book 2, page 329, April 21, 1778. Lewis Linebarger sells to Robert Boyd ... 100 pounds proc ... 430 acres ... between Little and Big Long Creeks, line of John Jenkins. Former grant to John and Daniel McKenny in 1770. He and Barbara both sign this deed in German. Book 2, page 499. Lewis Linebarger and wife Barbara sell to William Tankersley for 47 pounds proc ... land on Hoil's Creek, below Sailer's Branch. (This is in present Gaston County). Book 3, page 190, October 20, 1786. Frederick Linebarger to James Rutledge ... 100 pounds specie ... 300 acres ... Hoyle's Creek, lines of Alexander Moore, John Moore, Thomas Rine, beginning corner or tree of a tract of 400 acres patented to Lewis Linebarger, deceased, on November 1, 1784. Also joins David Abernathy, mentions Abernathy's spring. Witnesses: John Carruth, James Dickson. (This would be in Gaston County) 92
Book 18, page 190, January 23, 1797. Peter Linebarger to John Line- barger, his son ... 13__? acres on west side Catawba River, Flat Rock Branch of Mountain Creek, above McCorkle. It being part of tract of land granted to John Little and by him willed to Lettuce Reed and sold by John and Lettuce Reed to said Linebarger. Witnesses: Francis. McCorkle and Matthew McCorkle. (This. would be in Catawba County, near Lincoln County line; not far from Denver). Book 18, page 571, March 21, 1798. Frederick Linebarger to Henry Hoyle and to Martin Hoyle; ... 125 silver dollars ... land on northeast side of South Fork of Catawba River, ... being part of patent to Peter Smith of 1780 and bought by Linebarger in 1795, 198 acres joining John Linebarger. Witness: signs in German. (This would be in Gaston County) GRANTEE DEEDS: These are covered in the Grantor deeds, so I am listing only the names. 1768: Lowderwick Linebarger to Peter Linebarger 1770: Michael Master to Peter Linebarger 1772: Francis McCorkle to Peter Linebarger 1775: John McCarty to Lewis Linebarger. This was in Gaston County and on Big and Little Long Creeks, 480 acres. 1784: Moore sells to Lewis Linebarger 1787: Robert Alexander sells to Frederick Linebarger 1793: John Reed sells to Peter Linebarger 1793: Henry Barkley sells to John Linebarger 1795: Peter Smith sells to Frederick Linebarger 1797: John Alien sells to Peter Linebarger Lewis Linebarger had land grant Number 105 on Hoyle's Creek, his lines and lines of William Anderson, William Smith, 400 acres, November 1, 1784. Book 19, page 248, December 27, 1797. Frederick Linebarger to John Linebarger ... 50 pounds ... 173 1/2 acres ... Hoyle's Creek ... lines of said Linebarger and Alexander Moore. Part of two patents, one to Abraham Kerkendall and one to Lewis Linebarger, deceased. Witness: Alexander Moore. Book 19, page 527, January 2, 1800. Frederick Linebarger to Peter Smith 50.00 ... 35 acres ... Rankin and Linebarger lines. Witnesses: William James and Andrew Taylor. Book 21, page 401, October 30, 1804. John Linebarger to John Wilkinson. $150.00 ... 100 acres ... Mountain Creek, Mill Stone Branch, James Wilkinson's corner, Linebarger's line. A grant to William Beatty and 93
sold to John Linebarger, Sr. on February 15, 1799. Witnesses: John Yoder and John Linebarger. Book 23, page 84, March 11, 1805 John Linebarger Sr. to John Linebar- ger Jr. ... $300.00 ... 75 acres ... Little sr Creek, Thomas Bell, Lockman's Linebarger's. Witnesses Jeremiah and Cloe Munday. (Note: these last three deeds, would be In Catawba County.) Book 24, page 225, April 15, 1805 George Huffman, Harry Huffman, and Johna Linebarber to Matthias Barry ... $300.00 ... 166 acres ... on Mountain Creek, Ballard's line. Book 26, page 73, March 5, 1813. John Linebarger, Jr. to John Linebarger Sr. ... $300.00 ... 75 acres ... Little's Creek, Thomas Bell line. Book 26 page 75, March 6, 1813. John Linebarger, Sr. to John Linebarger Jr 500 pounds ... 245 acres and 20 poles ... Little's, Creek, join ing Munday, Brotherton, Harwell ... being part of several tracts ... all houses, etc. Book 28, page 73, May 11, 1816. Frederick Linebarger to John Line- barger- ... $600.00 ... 370 acres ... South Fork of Catawba River, lines of Featherstone, Abraham Davenport, Andrew. Hoyle. Book 29, page 565, September 26, 1814. Daniel Linebarger to Freeman Shelton ... 200 pounds ... 200 acres ... head of Francis McCorkle Creek. Willed by Peter Linebarger to said Daniel Linebarger. Book 29, page 603, 1820. John Linebarger, Jr. to John Lockman ... $490.00 245 acres ... Little's Creek, Brotherton's, Jackson Harwell, Monday s lines. Being part of several tracts of land. Book 30, page 102, February 22. 1813. John Linebarger, Jr. to David Linebarger. On head of Francis McCorkle's Creek. Daniel Long, John Wilkinson ... 168 acres. A grant to William Beatty and sold to John Linebarger, Sr. February 15, 1799, then sold to John Linebarger, Jr. on October 20, 1804. Book 36, page 277, May 29, 1836. John Linebarger sells to Frederick Linebarger for $1.00 ... 42 1/2 acres ... Frank's Creek, joining Michael Linebarger and where John Linebarger now lives. (This would be in Catawba County.) Book 37, page 158, December 10, 1827. Recorded in 1837. Lewis Linebar- ger sells to Michael Linebarger for $400.00 ... on South Fork of Catawba 94
River. It being 2/3 of a tract of land of Michael Rhyne's which had been purchased in a sheriff's sale of land of Michael Rhyne. Witnesses: Lewis Linebarger, Jr, Peter Linebarger, Soloman Linebarger. (This would be in Gaston County.) Book 37, page 598, December 18, 1838. David Linebarger sells to David Kincaid ... 2 tracts of land .. 146 1/2 acres and 15 acres; ... lines of Killian, Hinkle, Shelton and on Killian Creek. Book 38, page 297, page 298, page 300, page 301: Divison of Peter Cost- ner's land on January 7, 1839 between his heirs. They were David Costner, Moses Wilson and wife Barbara, Elizabeth Linebarger, Catherine Costner, John Vickers and wife Mary, Jonas Deck and wife Elizabeth, Peter Deck and wife Catherine, and Louisa. Deck. Book 31, page 185, November 10, 1823. Jacob Linebarger to Benedict Jetton. ... $250.00 ... 253 acres ... joining Berry, Cloninger, Childres. Being several tracts. One of 100 acres of Peter Linebarger's, of date August 22, 1795, another being part of patent of 100 acres to Peter Linebarger of June 30, 1797, part of old tract where Peter Linebarger lived and willed to said Jacob Linebarger. This deed is signed by both Jacob and Daniel Linebarger. Book 31, page 218. John Linebarger to Martin Linebarger, his son ... September 21, 1824 ... $50.00 ... 56 acres ... on Mountain Creek, Wil- kinson's line. Being part of two tracts. One a grant to Francis McCor- kle. The other sold to Peter Linebarger by John and Lettuce Reed. Book 31, page 464 and Book 36, page 3. Divison of Robert Murrell estate. David Linebarger had married Charlotte Murrell. Book 32, page 39, December 9, 1825. John Lineberger to Michael Lineber- ger ... $50.00 ... 67 acres ... on Mountain Creek, joining Wilkinson, part of two tracts - one granted to Francis McCorkle, the other being part of Peter Lineberger land. Book 32, page 43, February 3, 1826. Michael Linebarger to Anderson Turbyfill ... $270.00 ... 67 acres ... Mountain Creek, Wilkinson's line. Being part of two tracts of John Linebarger' s. Witnesses: John and Frederick Linebarger. Book 32, page 290, January 12, 1828. David and wife Charlotte sell to Bedford Childres land on Killian's Creek. Book 33, page 78, July 22, 1826. David Lineberger sells to Michael 95
Lineberger ... $53.00 ... 17 acres .... on Blind Branch of Mountain: Creek, joining said Michael Linebarger, John Linebarger, Mason Fisher, being, where David Linebarger now lives. Book 35, page 393, March 18, 1834. Martin Linebarger sells to Gabriel Sherril. On Mountain Creek Book 36, pager 193, November 5, 1832. John Linebarger sells 20 acres to Anderson Turbyfill on Mountain Creek. Book 36, page 195, May 5, 1835, John Linebarger sells to Alfred. Linebarger ... 139 acress ... joining Plonk, Rhyne. A part of John Baird land, and sold to said Linebarger. (This would be in Gaston County.) Book 36, page 203, May 3, 1822. Mary Linebarger, Jacob Linebarger, Elizabeth Linebarger and Molly Ballard sell to Edmond Wagoner. They stata they are heirs of Peter Linebarger, deceased. Book 36, page 224, July 3, 1833. David Linebarger to Isaac Lowe ... $600.00 ... 300 acres ... Beaverdam Creek, Thomas Beatty, James Reed, Cloninger's line. Former property of Samuel Pryor, then became Henry Conner's land and at his death was bought by David Linebarger. Book 36, page 266, February 27, 1834. David Linebarger sells 135 acres on Mountain Creek to Martin Sigmon for $400.00. 96