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Biographies of George, John, and A.J. Linebarger copied from the old book, History of Will County Illinois, 1913 B.F. Bowen & Co.

Jackson Township

p. 828

       George Linebarger, was born in Lincoln Co., North Carolina, June 6,
 1810, at the age of 10, he removed with his parents to White River, Ind.,
 where they remained until the fall of 1821, when they emigrated to Parke
 Co., Ind.  Was married Feb. 9, 1832, to Miss Susanah Beard.  During the
 following spring, came to what was then called Cook Co., now Will Co.,
 and located near the head of Jackson Grove; only a few days passed when
 the Indian war broke out, when he returned to Indiana until September,
 1832; returned to his old location at Jackson's Grove.  Had nine children,
 five living; wife died in 1854; was married same year; had six children,
 four are living at present writing.

       John Linebarger (of the firm of John Linebarger & Co.), dealer in
 grain, Elwood; the subject of this sketch was born in Lincoln Co., North
 Carolina, November 4, 1812.  He married Miss Nancy Stone, February 12,
 1835,  She was born in Ohio and died July 2, 1847; they had three child-
ren, one living, viz., Mary E.; his present wife was Miss Sarah C.
Linton, married February 27, 1848; nine children, seven living, viz.,
William H., Josephine, Thomas C., Isabelle, Minnie M., Carrie and Emma J.
He left North Carolina, with his parents, when eight years old, and set-
tled in Parke County, Indiana where he lived until 1850, when he came to
Illinois and settled near Wilmington, and remained there 18 years., during
which time he served as Supervisor several terms; he then came to
Jackson Township and has remained here since; in 1832, he assisted his
brother to move to this county, and spent several weeks here at that
time; he engaged in his present business in 1868.

      A.J. Linebarger; farming, Sec. 20; P.O. Elwood; the subject of this
sketch was born in this township January 7, 1834, and is, therefore.
among the first born in this township.  He married Miss Elizabeth Phillips
April 30, 1856.  Shewas born in Germany, January 1, 1834; they have three
children, viz., Lewis H., Laura E., Emma J.  He has always lived in the
township; he lived with his parents until he was 22 years of age, when
he was married and began farming on his own account on his present place;
he owns 320 acres in this township.