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Children of Daniel Linebarger.

The pension records of Daniel Linebarger from the National Archives show that in 1880, his THREE children applied for a survivor's pension, from Ponca, Nebraska. It was signed by Daniel's children. Ella J., Mary S. and George E. The two daughters signed with their married names, Ella J. Wilbur and Mary S. Healey.

The Dixon County, Nebraska GenWeb site contains a census for 1870, listing a number of Wilburs. The sons of several were of the right age group to have married Ella. Among them is a Guy R. Wilbur.

According to the 1880 Census of St Helena Precinct #2, County of Cedar, Nebraska page 310B, there is an Ella married to a George "Guy" R. Wilbur. Ella's age is 21 born in IL & her parents are born in IL.

In addition to Dixon County, the counties of Cedar and Wayne, in Nebraska are relevant. Guy Wilbur died in Wayne County, Neb. and is buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Wayne, Wayne County, Neb. He died in 1902. He is buried alone. Ella would have been 44 years old, and most likely remarried.

In this same Greenwood Cemetery, there is buried one Amelia Hughes, who was buried eight years before Guy. It is suspected that she is Ella's mother, the widow of Daniel, who was remarried to James Hughes.

There are Linebargers in Kansas. Mary Louise Linebarger Glaze (1859-1898), married Thomas Glaze, and lived in Russell County, Kansas. Mary was born in the East in Ohio, or Indiana (as conjectured by the researchers), in the year 1859.

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