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Section from book, History of Fountain County 1881, by H.W. Beckwith, Chicago: H.H. Hill and N. Iddings, Publishers, 1881

Richland Township, Churches

p. 230

The form of religious faith and worship known as Methodism was introduced into Richland township by the earliest settlers. But it is to be regretted that much of record of the early organization and labors of those pioneers has been lost. Enough remains, however, to give us the following facts of their history.
The First organization of the church was at the residence of Peter Shultz, near the village of Newtown, in the year 1827, by Rev Hackaliah Vredenburg, a local preacher, who had emigrated to this country a short time previous. The following named persons united to form this organization: Peter Shultz, Elizabeth Shultz, Anora Oble, Andrew Insley, Betsy Hamilton, Betsy King, Jesse Cook, Nancy Cook, and Charles Mick and wife, with perhaps some others whose names have been lost. Of these Betsy King is, so far as known, the only surviving member, and she retains her membership with the Newtown church, though residing with her son-in-law, Dr. Cunningham in Attica. ...

Aaron's notes: Jesse and Nancy Cook were living in 1881, in Illinois. Betsy Hamilton was probably Jesse's sister.