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History of Cook County Illinois. From the Earliest Period to the Present Time. By A. T. Andreas. A. T. Andreas, Publisher, Chicago, 1884, Pages 456, 457, Joliet Public Library.

The Methodist Episcopal Church of South Evanston, Illinois

"The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized September 18, 1872. Its first place of worship being a schoolhouse on the West Ridge. Rev. A. G. Button was the first pastor, and was succeeded by Rev. William Barns, Rev. W. A. Ninde, D.D. (two years), Rev. Mr. Leyton, Rev. C. Zimmerman, Rev. Mr. Harkness, Rev. F. D. Hemenway, D.D. (three years), Rev. S. H. Adams and Rev. Isaac Linebarger.
Mr. Linebarger is now serving his second year as pastor of the society. In 1873 the society erected their first church building. Nearly ten years thereafter that structure, which, in the meantime, had been greatly improved, was destroyed by a tornado. This occurred May 9, 1883. Through the energy of Mr. Linebarger, however, assisted by the people of South Evanston and even by many outside friends, a commodious and tasteful new church was rebuilt and dedicated on November 10. Although the South Evanston Methodist Episcopal Church has had its seasons of oppression, it is now looking forward to a prosperous future, having a membership of over one hundred. The Sunday-school is attended by one hundred and seventy-five children, Albert Dunham being is superintendent."

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