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Jacob Leinberger Estate

From Register of Wills & Clerk of Orphans Court, Northampton co., PA
     7th & Washington, Easton, PA 18042

     (Had photastatic copies copied from original)
Estate #3780 of JACOB LEINBERGER--administrators were PETER LEINBERGER

     Know all men by these presents, that we PETER LEINBERGER, Yeoman,
ABRAHAM LEINBERGER, yeoman, Conrad Newhardt, yeoman, and Frederick
Bachman, yeoman, all of Lehigh twp, Northampton co., PA are held and
firmly bound unto the Commonwealth of PA, in the sum of $1,000 to be
paid to the commonwealth:  To the which payment well and truly to be
made, we bind ourselves, jointly & severally for and in the whole, our
heirs, executors & administrators, firmly by these presents.  Sealed
with our seals.  Dated the 27th of November 1822.
     The condition of this obligaation is such that, if the above
bounden PETER LEINBERGER & ABRAHAM LEINBERGER adminstrators of all and
singular the goods, chattels & credits of JACOB LEINBERGER, Late of
Lehigh twp aforesaid, yeoman, do make or cause to be made, a true &
perfect inventory of all & singular the goods- chattels & credits of the
said deceased, which shall come to the hands, possession or knowledge of
them, the said PETER LEINBERGER & ABRAHAM LEINBERGER, Administrators, as
aforesaid, or unto the hands & possession of any other person or persons
for them and the same, so made do exhibit, or cause to be exhibited,
into the Register's office, in the county of Northampton at or before
the 27 of December next ensuing: and the same goods, chattels & credits
& all other the goods, chattels & credits of said deceased, at. the time
of his death, which at any time after shall come to the hands ox-
Administrators as aforesaid, or unto the hands & possession of any other
person or persons for them, do well & truly administer according to law.
And further do make, or cause to be made, a true & just account of their
said administration at or before the 27 of November, 1823-  And all the
rest & residue of the said goods, chattels & credits, which shall- be
found re,T,aining upon the said administrators account (the same being 1st
examined & allowed by the Orphans court of Northampton coi shall deliver
and pay unto such person or persons respectively, the said Orphan's
court by their decree or sentence, pursuant to the true intent & meaning
of the several laws now in force in this Commonwealth, shall limit &
appoint, And if it shall hereafter appear that any last will & testament
was made by the said deceasaead, & the executor or executors therein
named do exhibit the same in the said Register's Office, making request
to have it allowed & approved accordingly; and if then the above bounden
PETER LEINBERGER & ABRAHAM LEINBERGER administrators aforesaid, being
thereunto required, do render & deliver the said letters of
administration then this obligation to be void & of some effect, or else
to remain in full force & virtue.

Sealed & Delivered                             PETER LEINBERGER(Seal)
in presence of                                      ABRAHAM LEINBERGER(Seal)
Char1es L . Ebera                               Conrad Newhardt(Seal)
     &                                                   Frederick Bachnian(Seal)
Peter Pomp

Northampton co. to wit:
     On the 27 of November 1822, before me Peter Pomp, deputy Register
for the probate of wills, & came the within named PETER & ABRAHAM
LEINBERGER, the former upon this oath & the latter upon his affirmation,
do declare, affirm & say that they believe that JACOB LEINBERGER,
within named, died without a will & that they will well & truly
administer all & every the goods of the said deceased, and pay his debts
as far as his goods will extend, and that he will exhibit a true, full &
perfect, inventory of the goods of the said deceased within 1 month from
date hereof, and render a true account of his administration, late the
Register's Office, within 1 yr, or when he shall be thereunto lawfully
required and also that the whole of the said goods, chattels & credits,
he died possessed of, do set, in value, exceed the sum of $500.
Peter Pomp, Deputy Register            PETER LEINBERGER
                                                        ABRAHAM LEINBERGER

Iiiventory (which is in German)   filed on 24 Dec 1822.
Appraised by Conrad Newhardt & Frederick Bachman
    Total inventory of Goods & Chattels    $295.33
     Book Debts                              33.52
     Total amount of inventory             $328.85

The accountants gave a credit for the following items to wit:
        Pay deficit on goods & chattels sold for less
         than appraised calculated thus, viz:
        Goods & chattels as appraised& opposite charged:   $295.33
Now deduct goods sold at 2 public vendues to wit:
On 10 Dec 1822                $113.08
On 27 March 1823            $173.94 1/2             $287.02 1/2
                                            Deficit==8.30 1/2

Payments made to the following persons, viz
     David Plistand               3.56
     Jacob Solt                   6.61
     W.G. Scott                  30.15
     George Kuntz                 3.29
     Michael Lerch                1.30
     Philip Gerber                 .85
     John Seger                    .50
     E. Humphrey                 41.40
     Michael Weaver               9.25
     PETER LEINBERGER            12.30
     Frederick Bachman, Jr        3.40 
     Ludwig Kleppinger           21.99
     William $humacher            4.50
     George M. ?Vierling          1.06
     Andrew _______               1.51
     Conrad Niyhard               2.00
     John ?Kiscer                 6.59
     Jonathan Diebert             1.40
     Peter Heiinbach             17.54
     Peter Mister. Jr              .40
Jacob Kuntz                        .12 1/2
Wm. Stewarad                      1.79
Paul Neligh                       2.00
Jonas Snyder                      3.55
Thomas Sebring                    1.50
Henry Man___                       .97
Peter Pomp, deputy register       3.32
Expenses of this settlement     182.85 1/2

paid Thomas Pomp, register:
for examining office, this __        2.50
Copy for the accountants              1.00
copy for Orphans court                1.00
advertising for confirmation          2.00
Clerk Orphan court entry              1.00
paid for stating this account         3.50

Commissions on receiving              320.54 1/2
    ..               on paying        193.85 1/2
                                      514.40 at 5%==25.72

Balance remaining to be appropriated
towards the remaining debts           100.97

Balance remaining to be appropriated  100.97
balance being insufficient of the
  personal estate for the payment
   of all the debts                   221.47

The following debts remaining unpaid and due fromthe estate, viz
John Kuntz                       43.33
ABRAHAM LEINBERGER                6.25
Peter Strange                     8.00
Jacob Runtz                      20.40
Conrad Kreidler                  17.00
Henry  Kress                     17.00
Fred Schmict                     16.00
Philip Andrews                    4.50
Nicholas Seger                    4.00
Fred App                         20.00
William G Scott                  25.00
Dr Shole                          7.75
Thomas Conner or Horner           3.21
The proprietors.                150.00
                               $ 322.44

      The 2nd account of PETER LEINBERGER & ABRAHAM LEINBERGER, for the estate
            of  JACOB LEINBERGER, late of Lehigh twp of Northampton co., PA

           The said accountants charge themselves with the balance remaining
       on their 1st account rendered & filed in the Register's Office at Easton
       on 30 November 1823.             $100.97

            The said accountants also charge themselves with the sale of the
       Real Estate of the said Intestate sold by virtue & in pursuance of an
       order from the Orphans court of Northampton co, aforesaid to the
       following persons, viz:  A certain ?message or tenement and tract of
       land situated in Lehigh twp adjoining lands of Conrad Neihard, George
       Kuntz, Adam Kuntz & others containing 93 acres & 113 perches strict
      measure to Henry Gress for $10.00 per acre amounting to     $937.05

      And a certain ?message or tenement & lot or piece of.land situated in
       Lehigh twp aforesaid, adjoining the above described tract land of George
       Kuntz & others, containing 11 acres & 31 perches strict measure to
      Margaret Haller for the sum of $10 per acre amounting to   $111.93

      Of the purchase money ____ shall  ____ after all the debts, costs &
       expenses of sale are 1st deducted and paid to remain on interest charged
     on the premises for the use of the widow of the said deceased during her
      natural life, the interest to commence from the 1st day of April 1824
       and to be paid annually on the 1st of April thereafter during her life
       time aforesaid and at & immediately after her decease the principal to
      be paid.
            The residue of the purchase money to be in 2 equal payments---
            One of them on the 1st april 1824 & the other on 1st April 1825
            with 1 years lawful interest.
            The above sales were confirmed by the Orphans court on the 23
            January 1824.
            Amount carried forward      $1149.95

       Calculation in relation to the payments to be made
            by the purchaser of the real estate according to
            the conditions of sale above mentioned
            Henry ____
            due from him 1 April 1824   387.72 1/4
            due from him 1 April 1825   387.72 1/4
            and to remain on interest-
              tor the sue of the widow  161.59 1/2
                              total     937.05
            from Margaret Haller
            due from her 1 April 1824   46.26 1/6
            due from her 1 April 1825   46-26 1/6
           & to remain on interst for
               the use of the widow     19.40 2/3
The said accountants gave credit for the following items, to wit:
Henry Rohe                          4.20
John Musselman                      1.47
Henry Hold                          2.50
C. ?Miascle                        14.37
W. Shouse                            .40
J a c o b D e s h 1 e r              .25
George ?____                         .25
W. Thomas                           1.68
PETER LEINBERGER                    6.25
F. Kuntz                             .85
Peter Hermbach                      1.98
Peter Strauss                       9.22
Owen rice                          12.88
James J. Horner                     3.59
Nicholas Sarger                     3.84
Frederick App                      21.65
Jacob Kuntz                         5.97
Frederick Schmidt                  17.86
Jacob Kuntz                        21.39
Henry Mantias                        .20
Jonathan Haller                    27.00
George best                         3.25
Adam Lerch                          4.01
___________                         ____     unreadable
___________                         ____     unreadable
___________                         ____     unreadable
J __________                        4.41
Conrad Newhard                      4.00
Frederick Bachman                   1.00
Barbara Shoemaker                   1.50
W. Thomas                            .44
John M. Scott                     200.34
George ?Three, esq                 12.50
W. Shouse                            .50
J.R. Callimon                       1.00
Charles Eberle                      1.86
Jacob Kuntz                         6.50
Henry Kress                        15.87
Philip Andies                       4.50
John Kuntz                         44.40
W.G. Scott                         25.91
Elizabeth ?Beer                     1.00
                                  507.29 1/2

George ?Three, esq                  1.50
George Wolf                        10.00
Henry Smith                         4.00
Peter Hoffman                       1.20
Nicholas ?Jerg                      5.60
J.  _________                       5.00
Conrad Herman                        .86
John Seger                          1.52
J. Strem                            8.23
     amount carried forward--$545.23 1/2

Expenses of this settlement:
     For examining ____ & filing this _____   2.50
     copy & c for the accountants             1.25
     copy & c for Orphans court               1.25
     Advertising for confirmation
       in hand bills & newspapers             2.50
     clerk Orphans court entering same        1.00
     paid I.K. Heckman-making this acct       5.00

Commissions on receiving                 1048.98
      ..            on paying             558.73 1/2
                                  1607.70 1/2  at 3 % = 48.22
Balance remaining to be divided agreeably to law    $543.00 1/2                                                                                             -------------
               total                             1149.95

Easton, August 2, 1825
                      PETER LEINBERGER
                      ABRAHAM LEINBERGER