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From the book, Tombstone Inscriptions of Jasper County, Missouri, vol. II

p. 81

This is the old Peace Church Cemetery.  Elder Greenville Spencer organized 
Peace Church about 1855, it was the second Baptist Church in the county.

Peace Cemetery served the area of the county that had the communities of:
Lone Elm, Tuckahoe, Central City, Bell Center, Sherwood, Belleville, Howard,
Smithville, Chitwood and Zincite.

Location:  27th, and Dogwood Lane, East side of road.

p. 82

Bobo, Elizabeth E.   3 Mar 1838 -  8 Apr 1870
      Thomas D.     27 Oct 1842 - 14 Feb 1869

From the book, Jasper County Missouri Wills, 1842-1892; Records of Jasper County Missouri, Will Books A and B, 1842-1892 Compiled by Dolly Bottens & Betty Harrington

 p. 59

Lycurgus Cooper of Jasper County, Missouri

Dated:      14 April Probated: 18 May 1891

Sons:       Alexander Cooper, James B. Cooper, John Cooper, 
            Charles A. Cooper, L.C. Cooper

Dau:        Samantha Driggs

Executor:   David Hopkins
Witnesses:  F.J. Thompson, J.A. Loop

From the book, Jasper County, Missouri, Marriages, Volume D, 1870-1874 Compiled by Ruth A. Sutton, Published by Mary M. Curry, 1971

 MARRIAGE BOOK "D"  1870-1874     11-23

Page 18
29 Jan 1871 Moses P. Bobo - Mrs. Sarah E. Bobo

From the book, Jasper County, Missouri Marriage Bonds Compiled by Ellsberry, 1962

Cooper, Lewis G. to Elizabeth Ann Lineburger, Dec. 23, 1842
    James H., J.P.

From the book, Records of Jasper County Missouri, Marriage Books C and D, 1865--1874, Brief County History and Short Sketches of Early Settlers Compiled by Betty Harrington and Dolly Bottens, copyright 1971

    HERMAN HUTH was born in Prussia, Mar. 4, 1839 and immigrated 
to America in 1866,  He landed in New York City.  From there he 
went to Illinois where he worked for two years.  He came to Jasper 
Co., Mo., in 1870.  He was married Sept. 28, 1873 to Christina 
Shank.  She was the daughter of Gottlieb and Rosa Shank, both born 
in Germany.  She was the third of four children and was born in 
Germany, Dec. 16, 1849 and immigrated to America in 1873.  
Children:  Gustave and Charles.