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Jan. 1797, Peter Linbarger to John Linbarger

 Book 18 Page 190
 PETER LINBARGER to JOHN LINBARGER - 130 acres on January 23, 1797

    This Indenture Made this twente third day of January in
 the year of our Lord one thoufand seven hundred & Ninety feven
 Between Peter Linbarger of Lincoln county & State of North
 Carolina of the one part and John Linbarger of the county
 and State aforesd. Of the other part witnefseth that for and in
 Consideration of the valuable Services done to me by my Son
 John Linberger and Love & regard to my Son receipt &
 acknowledge the receipt of payment here of and the said
 Peter Linbarger hath Given granted & agreeed aliened en=
 =[ ] Conveyed & Confirmed and by these presents doth give
 Grant and convey & Confirm unto the said John Linbarger
 his heirs and afsigns for ever all that Tract or parcel of
 Land containing one hundred & thirty \\\\ acres Be the same
 more or lefs lying on the West Side of the Cataba river on the
 Flat Rock branch of Mountain Creek above McCorkels land
 in Lincoln County Beginning at a poft oak and runs-
 No 76 Et 188 . poles to a pine thence So. 14..E. 40 Poles to a poft
 Oak thence No. 76. Et. 46. Poles to a Hickory. Thence So 6.Et.
 138. poles to a Stake thence So.76.Wt one hundred & W[ ]
to a poft Oak thence to the Beginning being part of a-
Tract of Land granted to John Little and then by his will
fell to Lettice Reed and then conveyed by John & Lettice
Reed to Peter Linberger and now the above Mendioned
lands Conveyed to John Linberger by this present date
with the appurtenances lying & being as aforesaid with
their & every Right member & appurtenances whatsoever
and Reversion & Reversions ff Remainders all & Singular
the land & Tenements Hereditaments & premifes hereby -
granted or intended to be granted & every part and every
part or parcel thereof and all Rents Ifsues & Services &
Profits to them or any of them
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Or in any parcel of them or in any wise belonging or in any
appertaining and alfo all & every of the Estate & Estates Titles
Claims Interests and demands of him the said Peter Linbarger
on or to the said Land & pppremifes Hereditaments of premifes
whatsoever hereby granted or intended to be granted or any of them
or any parcel thereof to have and to Hold the said Tenements Here
=ditaments and premifes hereby granted with their appurtenances
to the said John Linebarger his heirs & afsigns forever And the sd.
Peter Linberger for himself his heirs E[ ] Admtrs. Shall and will
at all times Warrant and defend the said Lands & premifes
to the said John Linbarger his heirs & afsigns against all lawful
Claims & demands whatfoever thereof the above lands may or
might be res[ ] or [ ] contrary to the true intent and
meaning of these Presents the duties ofQuitrents coming due
To the State only excepted In Witnefs whereof I Set my hand &
Seal the day & year above wirtten -
 Signed & Sealed and delivered    Peter x (his mark) Linbarger (seal)
  In presence of           Lincoln County April Sefsions 1797. -
   Fras. McCorkel         The within Deed was duly proved in open
   Matt McCorkle          Court by the oath of Francis McCorkel &
                               Ordered to be registered
                               Witnefs John Dickson CC