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Northampton County Information

From book, Northampton County Penn., no. 974.81 -N8 E159, at Kansas Historical Library:

p. 251

Early Church Organization

There was a church organization in existence in this
township in 1762, ...  it seems they were without a church
at this time, but erected one in 1772, ten years later. ...
and the elders, ..., Jacob Leinberger, ...

From book, Provincial Papers: Proprietary, Supply, and State Tax Lists of the counties of Northampton and Northumberland, for the years 1772 to 1787., no. 974.8 P38 3rd series, at Kansas Historical Library:

p. 349

Federal Tax
County of Northampton-1788
Lehigh Township

                      acres horses cattle tax
Leinberger, John,      50    1      1    7.6
Leinberger. Abraham,  150    3      4   14.6

p. ?

Proprietary Tax
County of Northampton-1772
Lehigh Township

Leienberger, Jacob, fa'r    1.12    .0