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From the book, Marriage Bonds of Tryon and Lincoln Counties North Carolina, by Curtis Bynum 1929

Lincoln County...

females from index with spouses, dates:
Linbarger, Susanah--Sigman, Martin  1-21-1823
Linbarger, Susanah--Turbyfill, Spencer  7-4-1825; surety=Anderson Turbyfill
Linebarger, Barbara--Clemmer, Fety  2-26-1827
Linebarger, Catherine--Mason, L A  9-28-1843
Linebarger, Dovey--Moore, Adolphus  7-16-1857
Linebarger, Elinor--Cannon, William F  4-12-1830; surety=Eli Linebarger
Linebarger, Elisabeth--Fronabargar, Jacob  9-7-1813; surety=Fredrick Leinberger
Linebarger, Elizabeth--Asbury, Francis  10-17-1812; surety=John Leinberger
Linebarger, Elizabeth--Allen, William  4-15-1834
Linebarger, Elizabeth--Huffman, Jacob  2-2-1839
Linebarger, Elizabeth E--Wilkerson, Francis  6-13-1836
Linebarger, Harriet--Baker, Henry  6-1-1852 (groom may be Jacob Henry)
Linebarger, Lovina--Dunkin, Nathan  3-26-1819
Linebarger, M S--Smyer, John F  4-4-1846
Linebarger, Margaret--Shetly, Robison M  7-25-1840
Linebarger, Margaret E--Cloninger, Jacob  1-16-1847; surety=Laben J Linebarger
Linebarger, Martha--Sigman, Barnet  4-3-1828
Linebarger, Mary--Abernathy, John  12-28-1812
Linebarger, Mary--Regan, Charles  5-1-1824
Linebarger, Mary--Rankin, Joseph M  11-2-1837
Linebarger, Mary--Conner, Charles D  12-22-1851
Linebarger, Molly--Ballard, Reuben  1-30-1810
Linebarger, Nancy--Brotherton George  10-11-1810; surety=John Linebarger
Linebarger, Nancy--Tarr, David L  11-29-1822
Linebarger, Nancy--Sherrill, Hosea  2-4-1835
Linebarger, Peggy--Harwell, Mason  8-13-1813
Linebarger, Polley--Forney, Abraham E  11-30-1825; surety=Reuben Ballard
Linebarger, Sophia--Turbyfill, Anderson  10-10-1812; Francis [Asbury]
Linebarger, Susanah--Sherrill, Arerum  12-29-1814
Linebarger, Susanah--Drum, John  8-13-1822
Linebarger, Susannah--Huffman, Daniel  4-22-1817
Linebarger, Susannah--Clemmer, John  7-21-1829
Linebarger, Susannah--Reed, William  4-15-1834
Lineberger, Polly--Hufman, John   2-2-1811

males from book with spouses, surety, dates, and marriage official:
Linbarger (Linebery), Daniel; Wilkerson, Patsey; Michael Linbarger; 29 Nov 1810;
      Jesse Perkins
Linbarger (Linebargar), Jonas R; Cannon, Sarah Ann; David Hoffman (Hufman); 12
       Feb 1845; And Hoyl JP
Linebarger, A P;  Wingate Jane. J A Kinder.  8 Dec 1862, M 16 Dec 1862 by L
       M Berry MG
Linebarger, Caleb;  Rhodes Mary M; Frederick Hoffman.  5 Oct 1841; R Williamson Jr
Linebarger, Caleb; Hufman, Susan;  Lawson A Mason  11 Mar 1848; Eli Hoyl
Linebarger, Daniel x; Cook, Mary;  Robert Murrel (Murrell); 11 Jun 1821; Jas T
Linebarger, David;  Jinkins, Elizabeth:  William Smith;  25 Oct 1814; James 
       Taylor Alexander
Linebarger, David; Kincaid, Catherine, Drury Abernathy;  2 Sep 1826; V McBee
Linebarger, Eli;  Rutledge, Lema:  Isaac H Holland;  5 Oct 1840
Linebarger, Frederick; Wilkison Nancy, John Linebarger (Ger Johannes Leinberger);
       7 Sep 1826; Wm Little
Linebarger, Fredrick; Hovis Mary, James Rutledge, 24 Mar 1829; And Hoyl, JP
Linebarger, Frederick H; Connor, Amia:  Osburn Henkle 19 Aug 1839; Eli Hoyl
Linebarger, Hosea (Hosa H): Sherrill, Susan M; J (or I) W Gabriel (Wilson Gabriel);  17 
       Oct 1840; H Cansler CC
Linebarger, Jacob; Cryseller, Sally; David x Linebarger; 4 Nov 1817; V McBee
Linebarger (Leinberger) Jacob; Lewis Sarah P; James H Dickson; 14 Jun 1838; S C
Linebarger, James; Kincaid, Isabella:  John Sigman; 12 Feb 1830; L M McBee
Linebarger, John; Costner Betty; Fredrick Leinberger; 15 Jan 1799; Jo Dickson
Linebarger John; Best, Betsy; John Rhyne; 11 Aug 1809; Danl M Forney
Linebarger, John; Marshall, Mary Maria; John x Marshall William x Allen; 12 Jun
       1834; G Hoke
Linebarger, John x; Hobbs, Nancy; Z A Moss (Motz); 24 Jul 1856; J A Huss; M same
       date by F J Jetton JP
Linebarger, Lewis; Peasour, Elizabeth; Michael Linebarger; 20 Aug 1829; And Hoyl
Linebarger, Lewis (Jr); Rhyne, Fanny; Falty Clemmer (Valintine Clemmer); 8 Mar 
       1827; Eli Hoyl
Linebarger, Martin; Wilkinson, Effy; John Linebarger (Ger Johannes Linberger); 4 
       Apl 1825; Jas T Alexander
Linebarger, Michael; Perkins Anne; John Linebarger; 2 Dec 1819, V McBee
Linebarger (Linbarger), Michael; Hovis Cathrine, Jacob Rhyne; 18 Jul 1822; Isaac 
Linebarger, Michael; ____ninger ____; Len____ Linebarger; 2 Nov 1833
Linebarger, Peter; Cloninger, Elizabeth; Daniel Rhyne; 2 Sep 1836, And Hoyl JP
Linebarger, Solomon; Morris, Margaret; Caleb Linebarger; 2 Mar 1838; And Hoyl JP