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Los Angeles Times, January 30, 1927
Part I, page 22

Members of Old Family To Honor Birthday of Ancestor

The Linebarger clan will gather in Bixby Park, Long Beach
today to celebrate the one hundred and ninety-second
anniversary of the arrival of their common ancestor in Virginia.
George E. Linebarger, 91 years of age and senior member
of the family, will act as host.
Other distinguished members of the family who will be present
are Prof. Charles E. Linebarger, inventor, writer and founder of
the Scientific Monthly, whose home is in Chicago; Judge
Paul Linebarger, international lawyer and for years legal advisor
to Dr. Sun Yat Sen; Mrs. Mary Conlan, nee Linebarger, dean of
Northwestern University Conservatory of Music, and Dr. I. Bancroft
Linebarger, 951 North Mariposa avenue, Los Angeles.
The old Linebarger homestead near Luray, Va., is still in the hands
of the family.

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