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From the book, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, Deed Abstracts, 1763-1779

p. 114 Volume 4 Pp. 410-411: 4 Dec. 1767, John Lineberger & wf Esbel of Meck., to Ludwick Lineberger of same, for L60 proc. money...land on a branch of Hoiles Creek, comonly called Standleys a N brnch of S fork Cataba River, adj. corner formerly James Arm______, granted by deed to sd. John Lineberger by one Abraham Kuykendall 26 Mar. 1764...John Linber (Seal), Seville Lineberg (Seal), Wit: John Ritzhoup, Jacob Castner. Prov. Jan. term [1768]

From the book, Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln & Rutherford Counties North Carolina 1769-1786 Tryon County Will & Estates

(Abstracts of Tryon-Lincoln Deeds) p. 8) Page 93: 6 Sept 1769, Urlich Crowder & wf Caterina of Tryon Co., to John Linebarger of same, for L20 proc. money.....200 A granted to Christopher Grice (sic) 6 Apr 1765, on long branch of Killians Creek above Joseph Sailors place.....Ulrick Crowder (Seal), Catarina Crowder ( CC ), Wit: John Ritzhoupt, and a German signature.

p. 40) Pp. 557-558: 24 Jan 1772, John Linebarger of Tryon Co., to John Con (Cox?) for L55 proc. money.....200 A, granted ot Christopher Grice (?), 6 Apr 1765, and conveyed to Ubuy Crowder and from sd. Crowder to Jno. Linebarger, on the long branch of Killians Creek above the first shoal and above Jos. Sailors place.....Johannes Leinberger (German signature)(Seal), Isabelle Linebarger ( X ), Wit: Francis McKorkle, ____________ (German signature). Rec. Jan. term 1772.

(note: a Frank McCorkel was a witness on Michael Hoot's will)