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History of Reserve Township, Parke County, Indiana copied from an old book, History of Vigo & Parke Counties


Early Settlements

pp. 168-169

Ohio, which furnished quite a number of the early settlers in this part of the state, was well prepared to supply pioneers to subdue another wilderness, having been settled amid all the hardships of border life and the alarms of savage warfare, and it was only those injured to perils and hardships who first pressed into the wilds of Indiana. North Carolina also furnished a number of the pioneers of this part of the country, the most of whom were members of the Society of Friends, whose moral training and practical christianity have made their mark on the characters of the people. The early settlements here were not opposed or harassed by the Indians, they being strongly impressed with the strength and perserverance of the palefaces by past experience.
Among the first settlers to arrive in the township were the Linebergers, in 1822, the next being John Beard, ... . William and Thomas Cook, ... also arrived at an early date.