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This is a transcription of a letter written by Sarah Cook. It touches on the character of the mother of William Cook, who was Nancy (Linebarger) Cook--see part in bold. The spelling was left as in the original letter. I assume it was written to a child of Andrew J. Cook, maybe George Cook, since it ended up in our family. It's hard to read the year, but I think it's '95. There's a Henry Sadorus in the Craw Cemetery listed as b. 1840 d 1927. I'll try to correlate the year with the events in the letter some day.
(June 12, 1895, was a Wednesday)

Sadorns Ill June the 12 '95

Dear Nephew and Family
afew lines this eve to let you no that we received your letter in Due time we are all well at present and hope this will find you all the Same We had a light rain last night and another to day which is the first we have had for 2 months or over evry thing is needing rain So bad the Corn is Small but Still has a good Color Some oats look pretty well others are burning up pastures are very Short and Meadows are no good at all. Geo has turned the Stock in on our Meadow it wasent fit to cut wheat aint filling out at all

Our potatoes was killed to the grond by the frost in last month and they aint get over it yet I dont think they will ever make eny thing at all Some peoples potatoes wasent up when it froze they are Coming on and look well we havent eny Garden to Speak of it is all dried up what the frost dident kill. Bill has Sold out again and is going to movve again this fall dont no where he will locate but he is Coming back to Champaign Some where Lib Says She never Seen eny body worked like he is unless it was his mother he is So Nervez and full of notions there is a good deal of Sickness around and has been quite a number of Deaths there is a funeral Tomorrow

old uncle Henry Sadorns he is quite old he is a Mason and will be burried by the order I Suppose Elsie Graduated Last week I have not Seen her yet She Came home Saturday night and went off again Monday Visiting Some of her Chums I dont no what She is going to do her ma Says She is talking of going to Kansas before long then going to Busniss Codedge this winter Mary Cook has been having a Sick brash She was fixing to go to Jack-Sonville to See her Niece Married and She get sick and dident go We received those pictures all right and Also Johns Said to tell you they received theirs Many thanks for them Enclosed you will find one of my boys pictures in return I guess you will no which one it is

it is very hot here and has been for Several days it is Thundering again hard in the west guess we will have Some more rains There will be Some fruit left that the frost dident kill May Cherries are ripe but they are Small and no very good: I have so little Turkeys and I think about 150 Chickens I must close for this time

Write again Soon
Love to All
Sarah Cook